bespoke event & hospitality co.

Bespoke Events

Have a special event coming up? Let us take care of the details so you can fully enjoy your party - stress free! Scroll down for a quick rundown of how we can help.



We’ll send over a quick form to fill out that gives us details about your event to help us with menu planning and sorting all the details. Using that, we create a customized menu for you with several options to select from. That menu is tweaked until you’re happy.


types of events

We offer cocktail parties, large format or family-style as well as more intimate seated dinners. Let us know what type of event you are looking to host!



We arrive at your home or event space a few hours before the party starts to prep and cook all the food, set the table and the mood. Once guests arrive, food service will start. We’re tidy gals so we clean as we go, but we stay on until the end of the meal and leave your space spotless and pack up any leftovers - who doesn’t want to snack on some tasty leftovers!


Private Chef

Imagine your refrigerator fully stocked with healthy meals, organized and clean every week! Never had a private chef cook in your home? Here’s a brief rundown of how it works with us!


getting to know you

Before we work together, we’ll send over a new client questionnaire.  It might sound like a lot of work, but it means your menus and meals will be customized to exactly your specifications.  This is where you tell us what type of diet you follow, the ingredients you love, dislike or are allergic to. Saves us a lot of back and forth in the long run! Trust us!


meal planning

Every week, we’ll send through a menu for you to approve.  Once we’ve nailed down the menu for the week, we take care of all the shopping for you!  Once we build up a roster of favs, you’ll also be able to request favorites from week to week! 



On the selected day or days of the week, Chef Megan will come to your home to prepare the dishes for the week. She’ll leave your kitchen spotless and your fridge fully stocked, organized (we love our P-touch!) and clean. You’ll also receive a note with heating & serving instructions.

Private Cooking Lessons

If you’re a complete novice and can’t boil water or are just looking to learn a new kitchen skill, we can help!


private cooking lessons

We’ll work with you to create a customized lesson plan based on exactly the skill or skills you want to learn. We’ll come to your home and show you how to make the most of your kitchen and tools! Want suggestions on items to add to your arsenal? We can help with that too! At the end of your lesson, you’ll have created a delicious meal to eat and celebrate your new talent!


private group lessons

Looking for something different to do with friends? How about learning a few new dishes and then noshing on the fruits of your labor! Instead of going out for tacos, why not learn how to make your own taco shells and fixins. Top off your lesson with some Casamigos and then it’s a party!


kids private lessons

We offer specialized cooking classes for the wee ones in your life. We’ll teach them the basics depending on their skill set and age.